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Two Cro-Magnons

Two Cro-Magnons were sitting around a fire in a cave, and one spoke to the other: “Harry we’ve been friends now for many hunting seasons, haven’t we?” The other drew back, thought about it, and replied, “I hadn’t considered it, but you’re right Bob, many seasons.”
“I had a dream Harry, and in it there were buildings and shiny cars, and you were in it too!
Harry smiled and said: “I had a dream not too long ago also, and you were in it. You were the dandy.” “No, and your vestments were different than the pelt and club. You were dressed the dandy. And I was your wife!”
Bob replied, “I wonder where will land next lifetime?”
Harry said: “Well, let’s get some sleep anyhow, those mammoths up on yonder ridge are going to be moving tomorrow. No, are going to be relocating tomorrow.
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