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Let's Get Very Healthy!

Updated: Aug 26

Linkedin and Facebook friends, today I proudly present the third Goodreads Giveaway! I want to give you some information in a book form that can benefit you and those around you, from my many years of research into healthy practices.

Some of this information comes direct from times of illness that should not have occurred but did and so I have also added wisdom from having experienced the health issue.

You'll find humor also included which it should since the unswerving outcome of more knowledge about the human condition/body and living can only bring about increased health.

Get the Giveaway and share it with those who may be having or have had

health issues of the type described in the book.

Book giveaway for How To Stay Healthy 'Til We Die: An Essay On Health For Youth by Chaz Van Heyden Aug 25-Sep 06, 2023 (

Best Always,

Charles Van Heyden

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