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Georgia Paves Way For Fewer Roadway Fatalities.

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

This title could read as well "Georgia Paves Way For Higher Skilled New Drivers." And, as of January 1st, 2020 is now law.

Georgia leads most other Southern States this year with the signing into law by its governor a law for 2020 that requires professional training of new applicants for driver licenses.

As mentioned in The Careless Driver

training is what is going to improve confidence and thereby increase control of motor vehicles, as is the case with all technical devices. And, a car has to a large degree turned into a very technologically advanced way of getting from here to there. This bodes well for Georgia, but what about other states that are lagging in realizing and acting to ensure new drivers are competently controlling their cars at all times in all road conditions?

Once other states follow suit, and this would entail actions no different than a number of northern states that already have high hours of supervised driver instruction in place to obtain a driver's license, we will see a marked decrease in roadway fatalities--the main thrust of The Careless Driver and TCD Edition #2. Inci-dentally a new book is in preparation that gives typical motorists a slew of expert driving tips to get them through the daily 'snail hour' as I call it now instead of 'rush hour' traffic, and some tips may come from NASCAR drivers, who better?

40,00 roadway deaths a year can be confronted, IF the approach is mainly to educate and train more skilled drivers, more confident motorists. The end of distracted driving is what this will put an end to eventually, carried out faithfully by all concerned.

Chaz Van Heyden/Author/Chauffeur

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