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What would you do if you were falsely accused of

major crimes and your punishment

was exile to another planet?

What would you do?
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Elvis Apolliani is that banished/exiled character. 19 and attending an American college, he is shocked to find out that he is an alien! When he randomly meets Joshua, on campus, a fellow student and goes into immediate but temporary paralysis. Elvis has been at odds with planet Earth and its crazy history of wars and pogroms and suppression of creativity mixed in with mundane existence. Now he finds the reason he is so opposed. The major problem is about how to make his return to his home planet and what happens when he does that.


EXILED To Earth aka Confessions of an Alien Marooned on Earth caught my attention with its title and from there on its a whiz bang journey. Not only is it a terrifically well crafted story, it goes further. Touching on some sacred cows in the process it opens a whole universe of possibilities about life on Earth vs. life on other worlds and who we might have been in past ages. Marooned for sure, but that just gets the narrative going. It's not a story only for Sci-Fi readers. Because it has philosophical undertones that throb. It has characters that are as the author states, "Are real as dirt." It offers a look at ancient civilizations, Earth and elsewhere. It has in a word, EVERYTHING a Sci-Fi thriller should have. 

-Amazon Reviewer

This is a mind-expanding "whole new view" of things.  As "out there" as I found the author's ideas to be. I couldn't wait to see where each twist and turn of the story was going to lead. Overall this is an original, non-derivative piece of writing from a unique angle.


-Amazon Reviewer

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