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        The Careful vs. The Careless Driver by Charles Van Heyden    

          The Careful vs. The Careless Driver      


          by Charles Van Heyden      


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Discover why America leads all nations in vehicle fatality rates per capita (per driver) than all other countries, and how we can significantly cut down the number of roadway fatalties that take our friends, contacts, loved ones, and children each year in the U.S. to the sum total of 37,000 lives + each year.

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Now there is a foundation created with a goal of getting legislation passed in each state to raise the skill level of careless drivers past, present and future.

" VAN HEYDEN does a marvelous job of making us think in regards to the state of our driving in today’s society. With an obvious disregard to others on the roadway, we have forgotten the common courtesy of the system. It’s amazing to me to see, through interview, how our education has altered over the years. This is a book that is needed in the hands of all potential licensees. "  John Blanks (Amazon)

I really enjoyed this book. The author does a good job of getting multiple perspectives on driving education or lack there of and sheds light on some of the flaws in the American driver education system. The book has large text and is easy to read -Amber Vandi  (Amazon)

An interesting read for people learning to drive. It's a book that is a good reference text that will be most beneficial to be ear marked and reread many times. Loaded with solid information for drivers of all ages. This book should be made available to students of all driving schools. If it prevents even one fatality on the roadways, then Chaz Van Heyden made a huge accomplishment here. Add this one to your library, give one to a friend learning to drive, make highways safer. Congrats on another fine endeavour

F. Botham


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