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Four years of professioanl chauffeuring have taught me that this book is essential. Any motorist reading and applying the 12 Indispensable driver skills in The Careful vs. The Careless Driver will drive in the knowledge that they will never be struck by another vehicle while driving nor will they strike another car, truck, bus, pedestrian or animal in their lifetime.

Currently it's 1 in 4 motorists will have a serious collision in their lifetime.
Compiled from four years of professional chauffeuring. 12 Indispensable driver skills and one Golden Rule. A comprehensive work on expert driving skills and reasons why there is a pressing need to employ in the U.S.* higher standards to driver road tests. (Illustrated - Color)

Chapters include:
Safeguarding Your Chances of Being Hit -
The Most Basic Expertise -
Arguments in the Car -
Night Driving -
To Yield or Not to Yield -
Legislation Currently Introduced -
The one Golden Rule that Surpasses All Other Driving Rules
*Universally as well

Many states have yet to adopt truly comprehensive road tests for new license applicants. This work focuses on what every driver should know and be capable of executing in order to lower the daily commute stress

The Careful vs. The Careless Driver - Black & White Print

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