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It's all here in the 2nd of 3 VOLS. Aliens, Seances, Wild West Robbers, Teleportation and Shape-shifting!


"Fellow Earth travelers, the design of our journey on this planet through space will never bring us into close proximity with other inhabited worlds. So it was planned long ago." E.A.

FOX & FALCON is the sequel to the story of the alien, Elvis Apolliani, "FALCON", banished to Earth for crimes he didn't commit. How Master Chip Ty Dick, "FOX" comes to his aid and how Elvis finally after many defeats finds his route back to Sellier, his home planet from which he was cruelly exiled, but to what end? He wasn't entirely guiltless. All this and several episodes jammed with suspense as Elvis regains more latent powers and skills that he once had, even new ones.


$7.95 Regular Price
$5.95Sale Price
  • Same as Paperback Book sold by BAM! and Amazon/Barnes & Noble

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