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All funds are utilized to inform state reps, traffic courts, driver academies, and Emergency Medical Service Providers of the information in and the legislation based on new work THE CAREFUL vs. THE CARELESS DRIVER. We are 501 (c) 4 Social Betterment Group – Reduce Roadway Fatalities (2020-22) One of the products of our group is 'TENNESSEE DRIVER MANIFESTO' a manifesto based on 100 + surveys conducted in person that will serve for any state in the U.S. The surveys questions are:

1) How would you rate your feelings driving Interstates?

a) Completely at ease and satisfied

b) Nervous some of the times

c) Worried most of the time ( and same q.s for state and city roads)

The overwhelming answer was b).

The main nervous or worried feeling was/is about poor/dangerous lane changing. See Manifesto. Help us make driving a pleasure again. We're striking out for an impossible reduction in the 40,000 U.S. traffic deaths each year, but in the meantime we can lower the stress of the daily commute as a doable this year target by simply getting people to read and use the expert driving information the book contains. The Manifesto is found at:https://www.chazvanheydenbooks.com/drivers-manifesto

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