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Virus Deaths vs. Roadway Deaths

With the COVid-19 virus taking center stage let's not neglect the fact that three times the number of deaths have occurred, many unnecessary, on our highways in the same 3 and 1/2 month period. And, will continue long after this virus is history. Any motorist reading and applying the 12 indispensable driver skills in The Careful vs. The Careless Driver will drive with the knowledge that they will never be struck by another vehicle while driving nor will they strike another car, truck, bus, pedestrian or animal in their lifetime. This comprehensive work exists on expert driving skills and reasons why there is a pressing need to employ in the U.S. higher standards to driver road tests. Find on Amazon or get in touch with author. One of the main themes of the book and of proposed amended legislation for many states is the call for tighter more demanding driver road tests. Compare for example Utah's driver road test with Tennesee's. Then compare your road test with both. Some states have rigorous road tests but most sadly are permissive to very permissive. That won't cut it and hasn't. We want more motorists demanding of their states higher proficiency in controlling vehicles so we can eliminate many unnecessary 'accidents' and their negative impact on our lives. We have to come up from complacency or just plain apathy if we want to see and end to stressful commute driving 5 and 6 days a week. We have to take action if we want to wake up in the morning and not hear that one of our neighbors has been hospitalized because of a car crash or is no longer alive. The new work contains the first book The Careless Driver and the 12 indispensable driver skills needed to drive knowing that they will never hit another vechicle, pedestrian or animal, or be struck by a vehicle for the rest of their lives.

See earlier blog on our Reduce Roadway Fatalities 2020-22 movement and donate, won't you?

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