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        The Careful vs. The Careless Driver by Charles Van Heyden    

          The Careful vs. The Careless Driver      


          by Charles Van Heyden      


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And move
toward a more ideal scene for motorists.

Jesse McIntyre (Construction Co. Owner)

In Tennessee they practically give DL’s away. I found this out when I took a young man to get his license in Sumner Co. I’d given him a few months of driving lessons in my then wife’s car. I hoped he was ready. After. I approached him concerned he’d been flunked. When I asked him what has happened he told me the test was a short drive up to the highway and back. I couldn’t believe it. I’d paid for driving school when I was getting my license up in Kansas City and I’d never been in an accident that I had caused. I’ll definitely read your book The Careless Driver  and pass it on.

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Former Tansplant Coordinator  (now Founder 'Magnetic Dreams" FX​)

Very good overview of how little effort we put into driver's training in Tennessee. [Other states as well] We just seem to accept the huge number of highway fatalities as a part of modern life. Van Heyden makes a compelling argument that just a bit of effort could make a significant difference. I spent a few years as a transplant coordinator and saw up close the families that are devastated by these statistics. Great, practical call to action.

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Twenty-one year- old Casey Feldman was struck and killed by a distracted driver in July, 2009 in Ocean City, NJ. She was crossing the street in a crosswalk during daylight hours at an intersection governed by 4-way stop signs. She was ¾ of the way across the street, yet the driver claimed that he never saw her. He was distracted and was looking away from the road and reaching for an object.
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Charles Van Heyden 
(Author and expert driver)

I was forced to hit a 22 year old driver who ran a stop sign from a blind corner! He escaped serious injury only because I was able to slow my vehicle from 35 mph to 15 mph before impact.

What if I was a careless/distracted driver?


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