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This is the first real time that I have chosen to promote my writings. It’s not that I am a modest guy, it is more that it takes quite a lot of persistence to begin and continue to write until a work is rightfully finished. Not all of my works are illustrated here, and I do have a new novel in progress.

I began writing in 2008 at the University of North Alabama which is in Florence, AL.  I was a resident not a student. 


Because I have survived several near fatal experiences I write about the future more than the past, but I pay tribute to the past as well in my essays and about reincarnation. And, since we come back usually as children after we depart this world, there is a book of mine also for children a-n-d adults since they were children once too.

As an undergraduate of NYU in Manhattan I did not find many stimulating subjects of study except Anthropology and lesser, English. I ventured into the work-a-day world to see what that was about and found it interesting and challenging and fast paced in New York City. My education around this time took a non-secular turn and definitely for the better because as most youths do now and then and probably in the future realie, we lack true direction until we mature by discovering what it is we originally wanted to achieve when much younger or we simply by necessity decide on a path that we know we will not deviate from.

My beginnings as a person, i.e. my upbringing was not the best by a long way—my mother chose to take me at the ripe age of six months and my three other siblings all the way across the country by train to New York City from Los Angeles as her ‘solution’ to whatever ailed her marriage to my father Robert Luis Heyden, a gas station owner.

So, we lived in poverty for many years. My teeth were crooked and crowded, my left foot turned in and needing orthopedic correction with boots that looked like storm-trooper’s. My crooked, crowded teeth required braces* (a monetary gift from my surrogate father ‘Jack’) I had to wear pink framed glasses for years in elemenary school because of an astigmatism and what fun that was, pink glasses in a predominantly black eleementary school.

Hated it.

*In order to make room for my crowded teeth a Dr. Glatzer performed the extraction of four otherwise healthy bicuspides by standing over me with pliers and yanking until the teeth popped out. Well, enough of the sad story. Except being the youngest of the family and probably not wanted by my mother seeing that shortly after my birth in LA she uprooted me and the rest. The only way I could be superior was to learn big words and use them on my siblings when they used their age and or muscle against me.


Intellectually though, I could and did read at a tenth grade level when six years old and I tried like the devil to be precocious, the reason for which is contained in my writings. My final conventional education took place at Hunter College-NYU where the only subjects I could find interesting were English and Anthropology. This should give a clue to how I have come to write about various subjects and how I write.

 Growing up, I tried to help those around me who seemed less well endowed or physically challenged.  Several essays and stories revolve around these impulses.  And thank you for taking the time and making the effort to better understand what and why I write.



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